Carbon Metalized

Carbon Metalized

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--- Best in IR blocking and heat reduced

--- Hybrid in Carbon to enhance the results

--- Most stable in color

--- Lower overall energy cost


Carbon film series is for automotive/commercial/residential. This line stands for the latest trend of the window tinting industry; utilizing carbon as the heat rejecter, it could ultimately lower the IR and UV in the most effective way possible.

As a manufacturer, we are able to make all kinds of films based upon your request:







---IR Reject


---Customized Packing & Logo


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Product code CR VLT IR Reject UV cut Color / Design Total Solar Energy Rejection Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
6%±1% 82% 99% Carbon Metalized 91% 0.31
13%±1.5% 81% 99% Carbon Metalized 85% 0.34
20%±1.5% 78% 99% Carbon Metalized 80% 0.41