Ceramics Metalized

Ceramics Metalized

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--- Best in IR blocking and heat reduced

--- Hybrid in Carbon & Ceramics, to enhance the results

--- Most stable in color

--- Lower overall energy cost


Ceramics film series is for automotive/commercial/residential. This line stands for the latest trend of the window tinting industry; utilizing carbon as the heat rejecter, it could ultimately lower the IR and UV in the most effective way possible. By different applications, it also equipped with ceramics and metals for some specific requirements.

As a manufacturer, we are able to make all kinds of films based upon your request:







---IR Reject


---Customized Packing & Logo


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Product code CR VLT IR Reject UV cut Color / Design Total Solar Energy Rejection Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
6%±1% 90% 99% Ceramic Metalized 93% 0.15
11%±1.5% 90% 99% Ceramic Metalized 91% 0.24
20%±1.5% 90% 99% Ceramic Metalized 85% 0.33
15%±1.5% 90% 99% Ceramic Metalized 90% 0.25
7%±1% 90% 99% Ceramic Metalized 92% 0.19
35%±3% 90% 99% Ceramic Metalized 80% 0.32