Safety Films--Clear

Safety Films--Clear

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---Films 5MIL and under can be used in automotive

---Colored Safety Films available, 5MIL and up

---Tough coating cover

---Prevent glass from scattering


Thick and hard coating cover, the safety film is one of the kinds for defending vandalism behaviors. In case of break in / smash & grab, the glass will stay in one piece and will not fall off or scattering, which protect whatever behind the window from smashed glass. Not only preventing scattering, but also make the window to last a longer time when delay of force entry is desired, make it more difficult for one to break in.

As a manufacturer, we are able to make all kinds of films based upon your request:








---IR Reject


---Customized Packing & Logo


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Product code CR VLT IR Reject UV cut Color MIL
85%±3% 12% 99% Transparent 2
85%±3% 12% 99% Transparent 4
82%±3% 14% 99% Transparent 7
84%±3% 13% 99% Transparent 11