Anti Fog Film

Anti Fog Film

Anti-Fog films Applications: 


*Automotive windows

*Rearview mirrors

*Building windows

*Medical masks


*Bathroom mirrors

(Films thickness and width could be custom-made)

Applied EN168-2001 anti-fog specification, high-performance anti-fog can be applied to all of our car window films, building window films, industrial goggles and so on.


For some building window films, when applied in extreme cold weather; such glass window that facing the sidewalk reach to the floor and see-through, the foggy winter will block the whole view. With Anti-Fog films, no more blocking on these windows.


This anti-fog coating is a polymer coating that prevents or reduces fogging, condensation, and frost under high temperature, high humidity, and extremely cold conditions. It belongs to hydrophilic anti-fog coating technology, which can disperse condensed water to prevent water droplets from fogging. Although the anti-fog coating layer absorbs water, it is insoluble in water. Therefore, it will not be stained when wet, nor affected by commercially available glass cleaners or detergents.


Even if it is exposed to sunlight or heat, the coating will not fade. It is an anti-fog coating technology with high reliability, good chemical resistance and environmental resistance.